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The world is changing constantly. This requires a specific approach: a pro-active approach that truly enables you to take control of your business risks. With cyber security solutions and consultancy services at international top level. For today and tomorrow.

From SMEs to large corporate enterprises, from employee to owner.


SQNetworks is a cyber security company with a strong focus on controllability, transparency, and company continuity, while there is no need for you to understand all the underlying technologies. The most innovative techniques, in combinations with the expertise of our colleagues, gives you full control and control options on the operational and business risks in your organisation. With a different approach and a focus on preventing other incidents. Are you interested to know how we do this?

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Our solutions


SQNetworks has a strong and extensive network of partners in various professional fields. This allows us to offer complete solutions in the area of cyber resilience, cyber analysis, cyber training, and compliance.

Connects IT with management

From cyber intelligence to business risks

International top level

Connects IT with management

From cyber intelligence to business risks

International top level

Questions from the specialist

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  • You have already taken cyber security measures, but do you also have insight and control regarding this security?
  • You are an IT manager, but do you have a sufficient understanding of the technology in order to translate the cyber security into a sound and timely management report?
  • You have probably implemented the new GDPR, but are you really GDPR compliant?
  • How do you retain your organisation's continuous compliance with the law, standards, and certifications?

Why SQNetworks?

Marco van Vliet - CEO

Do you recognise these issues?

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Interested to know what your business risks are?
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