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An employer or employee at an IT company? And do you want to immerse yourself in cyber security? Or maybe you would like to offer the sevices of SQNetworks for yourself?

That’s an option! Because at SQNetworks we like to work together with a strong network of IT consultants and companies. We do this by means of training, sharing sales and management knowledge or support. There are many other companies that use our services with the support of the SQNetworks experts. There is a high degree of flexibility for the integration of our services in your company. This way we can migrate and expand step by step. A suitable technology and service can be realized for every environment.

If you, as an IT consultant or company, would like to cooperate with SQNetworks for the implementation of our services, we advise you to contact us. This will strengthen your own business with the high-quality services and the international top level cyber security solutions from SQNetworks.

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Yes, you can. Together with several of our partners, we have arranged for affordable services through which smaller businesses can easily implement EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response service).

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