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The chance that something happens to your company is rapidly increasing. In 2017, 35% of the SMEs dealt with ransomware and had to pay good money to solve this. We advise you to not just take the costs for ransomware into account, but also to consider your business continuity, possible reputational damages, liability and accountability, and the potential loss of data and subsequent impact. More than 97% of Dutch companies have unwanted and yet undetected software (malware). This may or may not become a problem but you have no control over it. This can be easily solved by updating your cyber security from an antivirus to an EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response service).

You cannot be sure and your IT partner should not make this claim. It is better to ask your IT department/partner how they can demonstrate that you are secure. Do not accept any vague answer or a report without having any insight. In the end, you are liable for damages, not your IT department or partner. Considering your changing organisation, ask whether they can provide insight into your security at any given moment, and do not accept substantiations with long runtimes or high costs in case of calamities. Our systems offer a 24/7 insight, not based on the sent report but ‘”live”, whereby you also receive information about potential operational risks.

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